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Front and Back Garden

swimming pool with artificial grass on the walkway

At Birmingham Artificial Grass Installation Experts, a good percentage of the customers that we serve are looking for help with their residential properties, and the primary area of concern is always the front or back garden. In Britain, we take special pride in keeping our gardens in an attractive and clean condition – and the lawn in particular is of critical importance. Deeply green, at an attractive height, a high quality lawn can be the difference between a good and a great garden. Of course, regular grass can be very difficult to maintain, and that’s where classic artificial grass comes in. We offer an installation service for front and back gardens that is certain to give you a beautiful and practical artificial lawn that will offer many years of satisfaction. Read on to find out more.

Minimal Maintenance

Artificial luxury grass has a number of advantages over authentic grass, but one of the most talked about is surely the small amount of maintenance that is required to keep it looking good and healthy. Regular grass needs mowing, fertilizing, watering, and an array of other treatments – and plenty of the time, even with all of this help, the grass doesn’t look any good. The quality cheap artificial grass that we install doesn’t need anything near the same level of maintenance, and this means that you can spend much more time enjoying your garden rather than worrying about the state of it.

Attractive Appearance

One of the reasons that artificial grass is becoming more and more popular is that it looks so incredible. In previous years, before the manufacturing of artificial grass was perfected, there were discrepancies between the looks of artificial grass and regular grass – it just didn’t look right. But that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, you can get artificial grass that is just as attractive as regular grass, but isn’t affected by day to day physical pressures that can ruin regular grass. That means that your artificial turf is going to look equally good in the winter and summer – the weather won’t make any difference.

Life Cycle Benefits

Some people baulk at the thought of installing artificial turf because they’re worried about the upfront costs involved compared with regular sod, but the numbers don’t actually support this argument. While you might have a higher installation cost with artificial grass, you’re actually going to be spending much less over the lifespan of the lawn. You won’t need to spend money on treatments, fertilizers, watering, mowing, or any other kind of intervention that would be required with regular turf. Over the entire period you’ll have the lawn, this is the most cost-effective option.

Pet Friendly

If you’re a pet owner, it’s fair to be concerned about how getting artificial turf might affect your beloved family member – but there’s no reason to be worried. Our artificial grass is perfect for front and back gardens with pets present because they’re just as happy running around and playing on it as they are with regular grass. The artificial grass also won’t be affected by urine or excrement, and it’s very easily cleaned.

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