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Roof Terrace and Balconies

someone's rolling the artificial grass

At Birmingham Artificial Grass Installation Experts, we’re well-versed in serving the needs of residential customers with high quality, cheap artificial grass – but that’s not limited to domestic properties with front and back gardens. We’re also experienced with the installation of classic artificial grass on roof terraces and balconies, and this makes a lot of sense for people with limited room, and limited access to turfed areas. There are obvious limitations present with most terraces and balconies, but you can do so much to brighten up the space with artificial grass installation. We provide a range of options for our customers, ensuring that they’ll find something that fits their tastes, as well as their budgets. You can find out plenty more information on this particular service by reading on below.

New Possibilities

Many people with balconies and roof terraces as their only outdoor space are resigned to the fact that they won’t have access to grass or greenery, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While it wouldn’t be possible to install and maintain regular grass in these spaces, that isn’t true of our artificial luxury grass. This can be placed in any space without spoiling, as it doesn’t require watering or maintaining, and it doesn’t need access to lots of light or nutrients. It’s incredibly easy to fit for our seasoned veterans, and clearly the best option for those who want a more natural feel for their balconies and roof terraces.

Adding Visual Appeal

If you’re looking to add a bit more visual appeal to your balcony or your roof terrace, you might feel like you have limited options. These areas are generally pretty small, and the potential for natural growth in such areas is also pretty insubstantial. One powerful way of rejuvenating the space is by adding artificial grass. This can give the area more of a natural feel, and even make it more comfortable to spend time in. Even the smallest balconies can gain a lot from having an artificial turf installation.

Drainage Performance

In the past, some people have raised concerns about the installation of artificial grass on rooftop terraces and balconies because of the possibility of flooding taking place, but this doesn’t have any rational grounding. All of the artificial turf installations that we fit are very high grade – despite the cheap installation cost – and that means that they’re excellent when it comes to drainage performance too. We obviously get a lot of rain in the UK, but even with the heaviest barrage of rain, you don’t have any reason to worry.

Adaptable Dimensions

Many of the balconies and roof terraces that we provide installations for are quite small, and that’s never been an issue for us. Artificial turf can be cut and fitted in a range of shapes and sizes, and even if you only have a very tiny space, this isn’t going to prove problematic for us. If you’re worried about this aspect of your installation, our customer service representatives can help clear up any confusion.

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