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Schools & Nursery Play Areas

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Two of the sites that we regularly serve at Birmingham Artificial Grass Installation Experts are schools and nurseries. These property types can both benefit from the installation of classic artificial grass, as there are a wide range of benefits on offer for such circumstances – a few of which we’ll go through below. The fact that children will be present on these surfaces makes it important that the safety and comfort of the installations of are of the highest standard, which is something that is assured with our artificial luxury grass. For further insights into the use of artificial grass in schools and nursery play areas, and to hear more about our related service specifically, you can read on below. Our customer service team is also ready and waiting to answer your questions on our main telephone number.

Low Maintenance, Low Cost

Anybody that’s in charge of running a school or nursery, and needs to think about keeping to a stringent budget, understands just how difficult it can be. Money is not abundant in these institutions, and every penny can make a difference. This is one of the reasons that the installation of cheap artificial grass makes so much sense. One of the most significant costs that schools and nurseries need to manage in terms of the site is the maintenance of the grass. It requires mowing, feeding, watering, and fertilizing on a regular basis, and this can prove to be especially challenging during the colder months across the year. These costs are eliminated with the installation of artificial grass – potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of pounds over the years.

Aiding Allergy Sufferers

When you’re running a school or nursery, you’re likely dealing with hundreds and possibly thousands of children. That means that the chances are pretty high that at least a few of them suffer from allergies, and this can make spending time on the grassy areas of the site a really unpleasant time. Of course, if you have artificial grass, there’s no reason to be concerned about this. All of our installations will have zero effect on allergy sufferers, which is going to transform their experiences in these spaces.

Year-round Use

One of the familiar memories for most schoolchildren is always the time spent playing sports and activities in muddy fields and outdoor spaces – and it’s something that is looked at in a universally negative light. Sometimes these grassy areas get so muddy and wet that they’re unusable, but this won’t happen with an artificial turf. This gives you access to outdoor activities, even during the wettest months.

Safety Performance

Any time we install artificial turf in a school or nursery play area, we do so knowing full-well that it needs to be able to live up to the safety standards set out by the school, as well as the government. All of the artificial turf that we fit in these sites are shock absorbent and totally safe to use. This can even help to eliminate injuries that might otherwise have taken place.

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