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Sports Pitches

a white blue soccer ball on the artificial grass

Sports pitches have a long running history with classic artificial grass – with the first instances of this match made in heaven dating back as far as 1965 – so it should come as no surprise that at Birmingham Artificial Grass Installation Experts, we’re prepared to provide installation experts for sports pitches to the properties across the Birmingham and Solihull areas. We’ve carried out these services many times now, and we have the professional experience and resources to complete such a project without any mishaps or mistakes. If you’re seriously considering the installation of an eco artificial turf sports pitch, then you won’t find a better option than us. There are a number of benefits of doing exactly this listed below, and our customer service agents can answer any questions that you might have in mind.

All Weather Play

If you’re going to play a sport, you’re going to need a suitable location to do so. Football matches require pitches, hockey matches need the same, tennis matches require courts – these spaces are the foundation for the successful completion of the game. So, if inclement weather is present, then you’re going to struggle to play. Sports pitches built from artificial luxury grass can withstand the elements, regardless of the severity of the conditions, and offer a suitable place to carry out activities. Even the heaviest rain won’t overcome the drainage performance of our sports pitches.

More Frequent Use

One of the real drawbacks of using a regular grass sports pitch is that you’re going to need to maintain the quality and health of the grass on a consistent basis – otherwise it’ll quickly become unusable. This typically means spending time mowing, feeding, and watering the grass, but it also means you can only use the pitch every so often. If it’s used too frequently, the quality of the surface will decline rapidly. Artificial pitches can be used on a much more frequent basis without showing any real deterioration. You’re really going to get value for the money you’ve spent if you go with this installation.

Lowering Risk of Injury

Anybody that’s played sports at one time or another will be familiar with the risk of injury that is always present. While many of these injuries are caused by bad tackles or fouls, others are caused by awkward or heavy falls. You’ll actually have a much lower chance of getting injured from one of these falls if you’re playing on an artificial sports pitch. These installations are shock absorbent, so you’re more likely to get a bump rather than a debilitating injury.

Broad Benefits

As you can see, there’s plenty to like about artificial sports pitches, but we understand that many people retain a preference for natural grass. The look and feel of it is familiar for most people, but this is exactly why there’s never been a better time to invest in artificial grass. The pitches that we create have the look and feel of regular grass, but with all of the additional benefits available with artificial grass. You can’t get anything better than that!

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